Burglary or Bullet Resistant Security Windows

Imagine upgrading your windows to be the highest of quality, fully functional, attractive, and at the same time prevent break ins for a minimum of 30 minutes, even from the professional thieves.
MaxGuard’s High Security Crystal Glass looks like normal glass but can prevent Forced Entry attacks, with options that can even stop multiple shots from handguns.
Security is evolving and MaxGuard is the leader in the development in new Physical security products to serve the residential customers needs. Over the past year MaxGuard has created three new highly effective physical security products to protect your home in ways alarm systems could never match.
Windows are available in forced entry only or Bullet resistant and forced entry. Lets face it, windows are the easiest point of entry for criminals to get into your home, MaxGuard’s windows make break ins almost impossible, giving you and your family a much higher level of security, and protecting you from unwanted visitors 24 hours a day.

Corporate Windows

Elegant and sophisticated, MaxGuard specializes in seamlessly integrating high level security into your corporate environment. Turn any room into a safe area, whether it is a lobby or conference room, MaxGuard windows are forced entry resistant and / or bullet resistant, keeping your staff safe and out of harms way.

Commercial Windows

Whether protecting your storefront, or securing the safety of your employees and your merchandise. MaxGuard’s security windows protect your shop from unwanted break-ins with forced entry resistance for up to 60 minutes, all the while appearing unassuming at a glance. Don’t let violence disrupt your commercial endeavor, protect it with MaxGuard.

Fixed Windows

MaxGuard stationary windows are perfect for flooding the room with pure sunlight. Many avoid installing these windows out of fear of vandalism, or forced entry, however MaxGuard fixed windows are a perfect solution as they are bullet resistant and forced entry resistant, making them very difficult to breach. So, why not have it all.

MaxGuard Security Stationary Windows come in U.L. Levels 1 – 3 for bullet resistance, and have the option of forced entry resistance for up to 60 minutes.

Sliding Windows

Sliding glass windows and doors provide maximum light entry, and stylish design, however, sliding doors are the easiest point for intruders to enter. More often than not, they are simply on a track that the door can easily be lifted off. Not to mention that a huge pane of glass is also easily shattered. This issue is solved with MaxGuard Sliding glass doors.

MaxGuard Security Sliding Doors and Windows come with forced entry resistant glazing to prevent break-ins for up to 60 min. We also have Bullet Resistant options upon request. Please call us to learn more about our high security sliding glass residential doors.

Casement Windows

MaxGuard designs High Quality Casement windows that function as ordinary windows, but are made to prevent burglary.

You can have the elegance of European style casement windows with the added Security of Forced Entry Protection, and we even offer the option of Bullet Resistance.

MaxGuard Security Casement Windows come in custom sizes to meet your requirements. We offer Security from Burglary or Forced Entry Resistance, all the way to U.L. 752 Level 3 Bullet Resistance. Protecting your family and your assets all day and night.

Fully Functional Tilt / Turn, European Style Windows

MaxGuard Tilt/Turn windows offer European style with high level security. These windows not only open like a traditional casement window but also pivot inward as well. Perfect for letting in a small breeze.

Don’t let the good looks fool you, Each window has MaxGuard’s high level of security, whether it is bullet resistance, forced entry resistance or both..

MaxGuard Tilt/Turn Windows come in U.L. Levels 1 – 3 for bullet resistance, and have the option of forced entry resistance for up to 60 minutes.

Smartglass Privacy Glass

Our privacy glass consist of laminated glass with a special inter-layer that can be activated with an on/ off switch to provide privacy whenever you desire.

We offer different levels of forced entry ranging from a few minutes with low level tools, to 60 minutes with sledge hammers, axes, crow bars and professional grade weapons.

We also offer anti-eavesdropping security laminates. We can incorporate this into our security glazing to provide protection of information. Knowledge is power and we want to make sure that your power remains protected.

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