We Offer High Quality Security and Bulletproof Doors

Forced Entry or Bullet Resistant Security doors are some of the best physical security products available to protect your business or residence. This is the first line of defense to protect your property from the outside world. MaxGuard is a Security  Door specialist, providing a full line, including custom Forced Entry and Bullet Resistant Doors. Whether you are looking for secuity doors for home, office or storefront, we have the perfect door for you. Please select the type of door you are interested in below. We manufacture doors to fit the aesthetic of your environment, including:

Ultra Doors

This patent pending door technology incorporates two layers of UL listed bullet resistant composite armor to assure you a very strong, stable, and reliable protective shield, like a bulletproof vest for everyone behind the door! UL Level-3 protection at approximately 140 pounds it is less than half the weight of a comparable steel door. Standard wood door machining processes are applicable with proper tooling (carbide) for door prep. Available as paint grade, or skinned with custom wood veneers (unfinished) or high pressure laminates.

Bulletproof Wood Door

The solid wood core door is constructed with UL listed bullet resistant fiberglass to provide a protective barrier. Doors are available in unfinished face or custom veneers and plastic laminates. The door comes standard with a peep hole, but view windows and door scopes are available. Doors come complete with aluminum frame and standard hardware

Bulletproof Storefront Doors

Most storefront window systems include entrance doors. MaxGuard designs and manufactures a variety of security storefront entrance doors including, bullet, blast, or forced entry resistant doors. These doors are becoming more and more in demand as the need for greater security grows. If you want to increase the level of protection for your storefront glazing or storefront doors, please contact us for help.800-970-3079 .

Bulletproof Steel Door

The bullet resistant steel door is constructed to provide a protective barrier. The door comes with peep holes, view windows, and door scopes as options. Doors come complete with steel frame and standard hardware.

Bulletproof Vision Door

A combination of security and sophistication, the full vision door allows the visibility and security that you need to keep your employees feeling safe and secure. All doors are custom made for your specific needs. Doors come complete with an aluminum frame and standard hardware

Bulletproof Pivot Door

These unique doors are stylish and modern. MaxGuard pivot doors are primarliy used for large openings, but they can be custom sized for nearly any entry area. MaxGuard pivot doors also make a great alternative to a sliding door

MaxGuard pivot doors can be used for interior or exterior applications, and have multi-point locking systems, for increased protection against break-ins.

MaxGuard Security Pivoting Doors come in U.L. Levels 1 – 3 for bullet resistance, and have the option of forced entry resistance for up to 60 minutes.

High Security Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are one of the favorite targets for break-ins. Replacing your existing sliding glass door with a bullet resistant/forced entry resistant sliding glass door helps prevent unwanted break-ins. MaxGuard manufactures custom sizes and colors to match existing designs

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