About Maxguard LLC.

We at MaxGuard specialize in the implementation and specialty design of physical security systems that are or nearly invisible for both Corporate and individual clients. Our world is rapidly changing and the need for physical security systems to protect our customers' safety from potential threats is more important than ever. Our team consists of Security Analysts, and Specialty Engineers who design and implement complete security solutions for some of the most well known fortune 500 corporations and individuals around the globe. We assess each clients very specific and individual security needs whether it be for their business or home and provide a detailed plan that outlines and closes security gaps to greatly enhance safety. This plan includes all threats and a comprehensive solution package that addresses each threat. The solutions that we present are based on a holistic and comprehensive approach that fits your particular needs, budget, and architectural requirements. However, we do not stop at providing you security plans and assessments. With our engineering team we can custom design and source specialty composites, structures and mechanics that can be implemented when constructing our bullet or forced entry resistant products including: Interior/Exterior Doors, Windows, Gates, Armor, and complete electronic security solutions. Our goal is to enhance our customers safety by providing services and products that are very innovative and high quality, exceeding your expectations.