MaxGuard is a firm that has a holistic approach and performs several functions in relation to the implementation of physical security. First, we have a unique ability in the industry to assess situational risks in the office, home, or work place. When an assessment is performed, it is then used to further determine the most effective security systems needed for our clients specific needs.

Second, we utilize our in-house engineering team to both custom design concealed countermeasures and products to make an environment safe and pleasant to work in. We have proprietary products that can be found no where else to protect Executives, Employees, and Assets from the threats they are now facing.

Due to our successes, we are retained by the most prestigious and accomplished clients, and sometimes competitors, in the world to develop very effective physical security systems for their companies and homes. Our security products can be designed to look, feel, and function completely normal, yet protect our clients from the most aggressive threats.
Please look through our products and services, and discover why MaxGuard LLC is considered your Source for Physical Security. Contact us at the link below to plan, design, and implement your physical security system.

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